At Awkward Violence, we strive to provide innovative content that pushes the boundaries of contemporary production. We’re creators who think outside the box to bring you a fresh perspective with a DIY spirit. We provide professional services that are easy on the eyes and deliver the highest in production value. Whether it’s an animated sequence, music video, or feature film, our products turn heads and get people talking. Let’s do it right. Let’s build the world together.




Our team has tackled all sorts of projects. From corporate clients, such as Oberto Beef Jerky and Airbnb, to independent productions, such as the Emmy award winning series, The Bay, we are prepared to meet all of your art department needs. We can handle any role; from set construction, dressing, an expansive prop inventory, and special effects, to art direction and production design. Combining the experience, unique talents, and skill sets of an award winning crew, the art department at Awkward Violence is eager to bring your vision to life at a pace that exceeds industry standards. We are affable, affordable, and available.




Our design department provides services in branding, web, print, advertising, and motion graphics. No project is too big or small and our technical capabilities are limited only by your imagination.  Need a website? Logo? What about a brand that keeps your audiences attention and lets them know what you’re all about? From the design interview, to execution and implementation, we’ve got your back. At Awkward Violence, we know what you want, and our only goal is to provide you with clean, professional content.


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